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Philippe Model Sneakers

Philippe Model sneakers are sporty, stylish and chic. The brand uniquely combines color and shape into a unique creation. Comfort and well-being play a very important role in the realization of the men and women models. For example, a team of specialists is closely involved in the design of the soles, resulting in an ergonomic design that offers excellent support and unrivaled wearing comfort. The end result is a comfortable and at the same time quirky sneaker full of Italian character and French sophistication. With models that combine seemingly opposite colors in perfect harmony and with attention to the smallest details, the Philippe Model sneakers distinguish themselves with designs that are both timeless and strikingly contemporary.

Discover the Philippe Model shoes

At the beginning of the eighties, the quirky designer Philippe Model brought his vision to life in the metropolis of Paris. The brand experienced a stormy growth and soon caused international furore. This was further accelerated in 2008 by the arrival of master designer Paolo Gambato, who made the brand a worldwide phenomenon in his role as creative director. Raised in the legendary Italian Riviera Del Brenta region, renowned worldwide for the high-quality production of handmade footwear of the highest quality, Paolo was exposed to the ins and outs of the profession at a young age. With a wealth of decades of experience, he passionately started his adventure with Phillipe Model, a very successful collaboration that still continues to bear fruit to this day.

The most complete Philippe Model collection

The designs are handmade in Italy with materials of the highest caliber, produced according to the most rigorous requirements and finished against the strictest standards. This culminates in a shoe that combines style, quality and comfort like no other. The eccentric sneaker is characterized by the use of distinctive colors and earth tones and the subtle combination of synthetic and natural fabrics such as suede and leather. The sneakers from Philippe Model are fashionable, refined, innovative, eclectic and unconventional. The distinctively colorful and at the same time refined designs symbolize the zest for life and the passion of this special brand. A passion that we would like to share with you through our Philippe Model online store. It is not without reason that you will find the most complete collection at Vousten.

Philippe Model TZLU WF22 (32106)
€ 260,00
Philippe Model TZLU W014 (32104)
€ 260,00
Philippe Model EZLU MF01 (32110)
€ 350,00
Philippe Model NTLU XK05 (31514)
€ 295,00
Philippe Model TZLU CF02 (31516)
€ 280,00
Philippe Model TRLU WZ15 (30988)
€ 280,00
Philippe Model TVLU NB25 (31515)
€ 295,00
Philippe Model NTLU WW02 (30328)
€ 345,00
Philippe Model TRLU NX02 (30329)
€ 265,00
Philippe Model TRLU W097 (30330)
€ 260,00
Philippe Model TRLU 1101 (30327)
€ 250,00
Philippe Model TRLU CR04 (29365)
€ 350,00